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Customers Comments

August 10, 2008
Thanks for making the "soccer mom" shirt for me. My daughter loves it and wants me to wear to all of her games! She's asking if I can get one for her so I think we'll get her the Soccer Princess shirt, not a bling shirt, but I think she'll like it. I haven't even worn it yet but some friends I've shown it to some friends and they think it's so cute. I saw the "football mom", what other sports can you do?
Thanks again,
Laura Taylor in Georgia
August 18, 2008
Great Shirt! Can't Wait for the first day of Kindergarten!
August 24, 2008
I LOVE my family sticker that you made for me. I put it on the back of my van right away!!! Just wanted you to know I got it and it looks great!!
Jill Snyder
August 30, 2008
We love the ice cream cone tee!!!!!
September 4, 2008
Gracie really likes her bag. Everything is so cute.
Steph in Georgia
September 9, 2008
OMGGGG I got the shirt today, and let me say.........FREAKING AMAZING!!! It was even BETTER than what I thought it would be!!!! You did an outstanding job girly!!! I just love it so much......and she's going to look so cute! I'm so pleased with it. The shirt you got was the perfect size too! Can you design my daughter a "Big Sister" shirt to wear to the hospital when I have the new baby???? Something similar to the other shirt but big sister themed? Thanks again......I'm in awwwwww. Everyone at school this morning was like.......OMGGGG going nutts over her shirt! She had one of a kind I tell ya! You did just an amazing job! Thanks once again!
Ashley in Texas
September 12, 2008
These are the cutest shirts ever, very well done, and fast shipping!! Thanks!!!
September 17, 2008
thanks your stuff is darling-I will be back :)
September 17, 2008
Renee, I received the shirt and I love it!! Everyone else will see it this weekend. I will let you know what everyone thinks.
Kim Elliot
September 19, 2008
My personal messenger :) brought the shirts by school. THEY ARE ENTIRELY TOO CUTE!!!!!!!! We made a decision to wear them Monday instead of waiting til Friday. SEVERAL people (cause you know I had to show everyone) already said they want one, so I'll start collecting orders next week. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU!!!!!
Laura in Georgia
October 2, 2008
I LOVE the blankets - they are GORGEOUS!!! Absolutely adorable!
Tracy in Texas
October 8, 2009
Got them today! LOVE THEM! Thank you bunches! I can't wait to dress them all up in their petties and dot shirts for pictures! I will be sure to share!
October 8, 2008
EXTREMELY pleased w/ dress!! QUALITY made & GREAT communication!! 100 STARS!!!!
Amy Morgan in Texas
October 9, 2008
Everything was so cute!!!! I will probably be ordering more from you at the Open House at Sally's.
Jen in Texas
October 10, 2008
I got the shirts yesterday and loved them. They are cute as can be. Two of the girls were here and got theirs. They were so excited. Thank you so much for doing these for me. Will send you pictures later. Thanks again.
Jan in Georgia
October 16, 2008
OMG!!! We love it! Lucy grabbed it and started hugging it! It is perfect and will be adorable for her party! I will send you pictures! It fit pefectly and tons of compliments! Thanks so much!
October 29, 2008
Just got the girlsí shirts. They are SOOOO cute! Thank you sooo much! Victoria loved hers.
Laura Taylor in Georgia
October 30, 2008
The bags are precious! Thanks so much! I just love them!
Susan Mattox in Texas
November 1, 2008
Thanks for the bag! My daughter loved it.
November 3, 2008
Thank you again for the beautiful blanket. They loved it! and it matches the stroller perfect.
Janet Allen, Texas
November 11, 2008
Oh they are SO CUTE! I love the way you did the Santa Rocks! You better put these on your site, you will sell, sell, sell!
November 12, 2008
They are adorable!
Ms. Spindle in Texas
I just wanted to thank you for doing a great job on the shirts and mugs.
Everything turned out really cute! My daughters and I wore our Butler Rocks
shirts to school on Friday and everyone loved them!
Jen Kelly- Florida
November 16, 2008
Debbie loved the shirt!!! Thank you!
Tracy Colburn in Texas
November 17, 2008
Everything is adorable.
Ann Wilsher in Texas
November 17, 2008
The shirts look awesome! Thanks!
Jodi Kleppe in Texas
November 17, 2008
I absolutely love my shirt!! Two of my girlfriends saw it that night and thought it was very cool Ė so good job!!
Melissa in Texas
November 22, 2008
Thanks for the shirt... it fit perfect and it is so cute!
Stacey in Texas
November 22, 2008
I received the sippy cup that you sent. Thank you so much. It is adorable!
Brandi in Texas
November 23, 2008
Hey! I got my shirt and love it!
Terri Cushen
December 2, 2008
Just wanted to let you know that I received the cute Rudolf dress, snow white clippie and xmas tree clippie. They are all adorable!!! Thanks!
Sandi Summers in South Carolina
December 9th, 2008
I just want to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for helping make my birthday so special yesterday!! I love the shirt, I will wear it on Wednesday and the kids really liked that it said ďI love my Pre-K classĒ!! Also, the Kleenex box holder, the coffee mug, and the pump are all so cute and nice that they are personalized. And the best was a new cute home for FUZZY! The kids were so excited for that and it couldnít have come at a better time. Thank you also for everything, the other teachers were jealous of what great parents I have! J Also, thanks to Renee for her talent at making all of the wonderful gifts.
Thanks so much!!
Ms. Shelley in Texas
December 10, 2008
Renee, The Santa apron and bakers hat are absolutely beautiful!! Audrey loved them and everyone there thought they were the cutest ever! We are making muffins for neighbors Saturday and she is excited about wearing it to delivery the muffins. Thank you so much for the rush and for the beautiful job…I loved the monogram!
Alma-Katherine Hunter in South Carolina
December 16, 2008
I am so excited about the jeans. THanks for making them. They turned out so cute. I can't wait until Christmas to give them to Kaytlyn!
Teri in Dallas Texas
December 16, 2008
I absolutely love the bling shirts. They are so cute. I also loved the
minky shirt. I know my daughter will love it. The quality of the shirts looked
Thank you so much!
Jennifer Marvin in Newnan Georgia
December 20, 2008
The koozies are great!!! Thank you!
Tracy in Dallas Texas
December 20, 2008
I gave the Stephens Elem. shirt to Mrs. Phillips, she LOVED it. Thanks
Sally in Dallas Texas
December 21, 2008
Just got back from dads and the Christmas stockings look great! You really made them special for us this year. Thanks!
Carrie in Dallas, Texas
December 21, 2008
The girls gave my mom her Raven shirt last night so we could wear them to whoop up on the Cowboys. She loved it. We are taking our 3 generation Raven fan picture most definetely!
Angela Heyn in Dallas, Texas
December 22, 2008
Hi! I got the jammies today. They are too cute! Thanks!
December 24, 2008
I just got the shirts and dress. Love!! Love Them!! They are soooo cute!! I will take pics!!
Tracy in Georgia
December 25, 2008
Thanks for the towel. Everyone loved it. May have to order more.
Renee Massengill in Dallas Texas
December 29, 2008
The bag was a HUGE hit!!! I loved the shirt, too. Thank you so so much!
Alma-Katherine Hunter in South Carolina
December 30, 2008
The reindeer dresses were such a HIT! Thanks!
Decmeber 31, 2008
Mason's birthday shirt was a big hit. Thanks!
Megan Klein in Georgia
December 31, 2008
I got my sweatshirts today! They're so cute! Lucky, too, cause it's finally getting cold here. Thanks!
Laura Green in Georgia
January 5, 2009
We received the outfit today and LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so much. It is just so precious and I canít wait for him to wear it. I will definitely send pictures!!!!!!!!!!! Iím super excited about your website!!!!!!!!!!!! Iíve told all of my friends about it. Iím 5 mths pregnant w/ a girl and your site will come in handy!!!!!!!!!!!! You are SUPER easy to work with!!! I appreciate your help!
Jenn Overton
January 12, 2009
Hi, just wanted to let you know the apron came today & I LOVE it!!!! You did a fantastic job, thanks so much!!!
Nolita Coleman
January 17, 2009
I just wanted you to know that I receieved the necklaces and the hairbows cute!!
I know the girls in my class will love them.
Jen Kelly in Florida
January 24, 2009
Got the second set of Koozies & they are just lovely---Thanks so much---Last meeting some ladies took your info---I copied your e-mail info on strips of paper---Thanks Your work is lovely.
Mary Ann in Irving Texas
January 25, 2009
The jeans you made for Kaytlyn are her new favorites. She wears them the first opportunity she has after they are washed. Iíve told several momís about them and I gave one of them your information.
Teri in Denton Texas
January 28, 2009
So happy! I just got the dress AND cup. Mary Shaw is going to freak out when she sees Barney appliqued on her dress. The dress and cup are VERY cute. Thank you so much!
Lisa Walsh in Virginia
January 31, 2009
I received the order today and I was so excited! I LOVE all of the items.
Sandi Summers in South Carolina
February 5, 2009
Loved the plates they are so cute!!!
Tracy Slagel in Fayetteville, Georgia
February 6, 2009
Thanks again for making us these adorable shirts!! I got so many compliments all day!!
Jodi Kleppe in Denton, Texas
February 10, 2009
Thanks for my shirts. You really did a great job. I have gotten a ton of compliments the last two days!
Jennifer George in Georgia
February 10, 2009
I love the dress! It is soooo cute. I have been meaning to email you to let you know what a great job you did but I have been sooooooo busy with work lately and getting home late too. I will have to send you pictures for sure! Thanks again!
Shanna Croft in Georgia
February 11, 2009
Thank you soooo much for the shirts, they turned out so cute!!! The brownie moms want to know if there is anyway you can have 9 shirts made by February 27? They loved our shirts and want some for all the brownies!!! Just let me know what you can do.

February 14, 2009
Hi! I Love all the clothes. Thank you so much..
February 15, 2009
Lot's of great comments on outfits!! Everyone at their school Peeples looooved them!! Everyone wanted to know wherer I get the outfits you made. I sent them to your web site!!
Tracy Slagel in Georgia
February 16, 2009
Elizabeth LOVES her shirt. thank you
Dorothy Arrington in Dallas Texas
February 21, 2009
Received everything!! Loved them they are sooo cute. Thanks so much. My daughter loved the ribbon holder.
Tracy Slagel in Georgia
February 25th, 2009
Hi, Renee,
I received the shirts in the mail today. They look great, and I love the way you wrapped them with the ribbon. I had a perfectly sized organza bag for all the shirts. I can't wait for my friend to open them next week.
Thank you,
Cindy Irvin in Georgia
February 25, 2009
We got the shirt and LOVE IT!!! It is so so cute!!
Lori Cioletti in Dallas Texas
February 27, 2009
Thank you!! They are ADORABLE shirts!!
Jodi Kleppe in Texas
March 9, 2009
I GOT IT! It is adorable and we love it. Thank you so much!
March 16, 2009
Hi Renee,
I just received the monkey jon jon. It is so cute!
Anne Roe
May 5, 2009
I received the shirt yesterday and it is EXACTLY what I wanted! Thanks so much!! It is adorable.
Alyssa Hoffmann
May 15, 2009
"Renee - I LOVE everything! The "peanut" blanket & bid are fabulous (as always) and the bloomers came out beautiful! Thank you! Gracie even wore her Graciebug bloomers tonight already!"
Tracy in Texas
May 18, 2009
Hey! I did receive them today! They are super cute!!! Thanks so much. I look forward to shopping with you again!

May 22, 2009
Thank you SO much for your beautiful work on these overalls. I was so nervous that they would not arrive in time and sure enough, they arrived today. You truly are an amazing artist and I just cannot thank you enough for interrupting your busy life to get these done for me so quickly. They are 100 times better than I ever hoped and I will be singing your praises all day at my party tomorrow :) My husband already wants me to order something special for my older daughter...and when the husbands approve (esp. after knowing the prices!) you know you have done some great work!
A million thank you's and I will post pictures after the big day! Have a great holiday weekend!
May 27, 2009
I got my orders yesterday! They look stunning. I cannot wait for Hailey to wear them. The monogramming looks great!!
Thanks again,
Ashley Godwin
April 7, 2009
Hi!! I rec'd the scarecrow bibs yesterday!! Very cute!! THanks!!!
June 6, 2009
I received my order with Julia's bloomers & bib on Sat. The bloomers fit her perfectly & we love the bib. We will enjoy Julia using the Minnie bib. Julia's mother loves Disney so she was very happy w/the items.
Thanks so much & we will be ordering again.
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